Dental clinic “DENT STYLE ™”

We know that quality does not compromise. Therefore, we guarantee you the highest level of treatment and a stable result.
Dental Clinic Dent Style was founded in December 2011. Over the 9 years of operation, the clinic is constantly updated and modernized. Every year we introduce advanced methods of conservative and surgical treatment.

Priority areas:
  1. Therapeutic and surgical treatment under sedation (medication sleep) including monitoring and oxygen support.
  2. Autoplasmotherapy. Post-extraction PRF-sealing (after tooth removal).
  3. Digital panoramic radiography (panoramic x-ray, orthopantomography).
  4. Piezosurgery (ultrasound surgery) – reducing trauma and postoperative pain and swelling
  5. Bone grafting and soft grafting.
  6. Minimally traumatic implantation without incisions using a 3D template.
  7. Microscopic-root-canal-therapy
Dent Style clinic works according to European and American protocols, so our treatment involves the use of modern methods and high quality materials. Using disinfection and sterilization equipment of the “premium” class, our patients are confident in their safety.

We work exclusively with materials produced in the USA, Germany, Switzerland and Japan. The treatment is carried out at the Diplomat Adeptdental unit, a recognized world leader in dental technology. X-ray equipment Planmeca (Finland). Sterilization equipment – Class B autoclave –  Techno-Gaz (Italy).
Doctors of the clinic will always gladly and intelligibly answer your questions, explain in detail the treatment plan and will do everything possible and impossible for you to be healthy and satisfied.

The skill and friendliness of the doctors of the clinic, multiplied by high-quality materials and equipment, confidently give the best result even in the most difficult cases. Our clients recommend us to their relatives, friends, colleagues.

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Treatment is accompanied by a sign language interpreter, which is located in the clinic. For pre-recording, please use the feedback form, be sure to indicate the category “I have hearing impairment”. We will contact you by SMS, via Skype or by e-mail to confirm the time of reception.